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Steri Suppawter

Steri Suppawters are our honorary members who commit to making a monthly donation so that we can sterililse a pet at our satellite sterilisation partnership clinic. This prevents unwanted litters whihch could result in neglect, homelessness and even abuse. 

Sign up now!


Click HERE to set up your Debit Order from your SA bank account

Click HERE to set up a recurring monthly donation from your Credit Card (worldwide) 

Here's what your pawsome monthly donation will do:

R 50 pm:     Sterilise one pet per year

R 100 pm:   Sterilise two pets per year
R 600 pm:   Sterilise one pet per month

We will send your Steri Suppawter certificate to you and one of our pets will send you a birthday card!

For any further information contact us on

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