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Spot stands up after being lame

We are very excited to announce that, with your help, we have raised 7.5% of our ask through online and offline donations towards the Change 12 000 township pets' lives campaign. Thank you for making this possible! This story of Spot shows how Mdzananda changes lives. We wish to change 12 000 lives next year by raising our goal of $40 000 / R600 000. Let's spread the word to make it happen. Mrs Lazamo brought Spotty to Mdzananda as she suddenly became lame. Poor spot was admitted and treated and had a very guarded prognosis. She had a severe case of biliary (tick bite fever and other complications of Ehrlichia, also a tick born disease). Ehrlichia compromised

Pit Bull Ester and her owner's miraculous turnaround

Ester was brought to Mdzananda by her owner for a “swollen face” and for not eating. She arrived completely neglected and very skinny. She has been living outside chained day in and out and we also discovered that she had a fractured femur that had not been treated. Ester stayed with us for a couple of weeks receiving a lot of TLC, good food and treatment for her injuries. She picked up weight and her injuries started to heal. Initially we wanted to remove Ester from her home permanently but we decided to try and work with the owner through education and regular check-ups. Ester’s story is a real success story. She was returned to her owner with strict instructions on how to care for he

Campaign to change 12 000 pets' lives

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaing to change the lives of 12 000 pets. We are just getting started and we already have 5% of our ask. Here is a story to show you what you are supporting. Bones's story is just one life that got changed by the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Imagine doing the same for 12 000 pets. Word's cannot explain how her life changed, but this video can. From a bag of bones to a happy family member, friend, mascot and education pet. By supporting this campaign you are enabling us to change the lives of many more pets like Bones. Thank you for making this happen. Please feel free to share the campaign and Bones's story with your friends and family. Support the

A Pit Bull looked after by a community member

For anyone who believes there is no love for animals in a township this is an eye opener. A distressed community member who cares for animals saw this pit bull being abused and neglected by one of his owners. He sent a facebook message to Mdzananda asking us to fetch the pit bull as the owner was neglecting her. The pit bull was being used for puppy breeding and the owner was not feeding her enough food for herself and her puppies. The Mdzananda team went to collect the pit bull girl - emaciated and scared. After being at Mdzananda for three weeks two of her pups died. Although we cannot say the exact cause of their death, we believe it was due to malnutrition as their mom could not pr

Be a part of the change! Change 12 000 township pets' lives in two months

The Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Khayelitsha, launches it's first ever crowdfunding campaign. In two months they aim to raise enough funds to change 12 000 township pets' lives. Be a part of the change! Townships in South Africa are known for poverty, crime and violence. Animal abuse and neglect is part of everyday life. Imagine a change – a community where animals are seen as companions by every community member. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic is creating this change and YOU can help! We wish to raise one year’s medical drugs and consumables costs ($40 000 / R600 000) to treat approximately 12 000 animals during our next financial year July 2016 - June 2017. Support the campaign by visiting https:

Statistics for Jan, Feb, Mar 2016

The Mdzananda Animal Clinic, based in Khayelitsha, compiles its statistics once every term (three months). Statistics that are compiled show how many pets were seen in our consultation rooms, hospital, theatre and mobile clinics. It also shows what each pet was treated for. A summary of our totals for January, February and March are below: Consultation room patients: 814 Hospital patients: 295 Theatre operations 284 Mobile clinic patients: 489 Vaccinations administered: 723 Dewormers administered: 680 Flea & tick treatment administered: 716 Sterilizations: 212

An innocent life depends on human kindness

It is often of the opinion that people in townships should not own pets. We at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic have a different opinion. It was a day like any other when an elderly man arrived at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic’s front gate carrying a dirty crate in his arms. It looked like he was carrying a crate filled with books or newspapers but what was inside was a thousand times more valuable – a little life. The man gently put down the crate and out peered two large brown eyes, sad and confused, but tail wagging slightly. A fluffy Collie cross puppy was looking up at us. The man from Site C in Khayelitsha who wishes to remain anonymous, had come to hand the little puppy over. His son, a drug

Would Magnum, the abandoned pit bull, find the right family?

It was a normal day, much as any other when my owner tied a rope around my neck and walked me down the road. I was excited, but soon I realised that something was wrong. We were walking too far, and I was getting tired. When were we going to go back home? We arrived at a place I did not recognise. There were many dogs with their human companions and many people in uniforms with large smiles on their faces. We waited in a large room until we were called to see ‘the doctor’. I heard my owner saying that he had brought me to be euthanized. I did not know what that meant, but could tell that it was not something good. The ‘doctor’ looked at me with sad eyes, stroked my head and gave me a kiss. “

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