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Cell C Foundation keeps the animals warm this winter

We are very grateful to announce that the Cell C Foundation has committed to making a donation of R35 000 to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

Cell C Foundation came to the rescue after a desperate appeal was released to the media and the general public to assist with donations following a number of animals dying in Khayelitsha due to the cold.

It is the sad reality that many community members are not equipped with the knowledge of how to keep pets warm in winter, especially puppies. Many pets have arrived at our doorstep in hypothermic states. Puppies had been left outside on cold concrete with no blankets or kennels.

Mdzananda has had an influx of these cases and has been working tirelessly to save each pet that enters our doors. An appeal was released to the public for assistance with funds and goods to help during this time. Hearing the appeal, Cell C Foundation committed to making a donation to purchase much needed goods to assist the pets in winter.

Apart from assisting with a donation, Cell C employees in the Western Cape Region will be volunteering at our dog kennel building day on Mandela Day on July 18. Some of these kennels will be handed out to the community so that they can protect and keep their animals warm this winter. Suzette van der Merwe, Managing Executive of Cell C Foundation, said: "We are delighted to be able to contribute to the welfare of these animals because the Mdzananda Animal Clinic plays a vital role in the life of the community."

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