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Magnum finds his Forever Home: The Pit Bull Boy that stole all our hearts

Magnum arrived at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic at the start of October 2015. His owner brought him to Mdzananda one morning to be euthanised. We took one look at this gorgeous, happy, healthy boy and took him into our care. We decided to ensure that he finds a good home. This was the start of Magnum’s journey to fame. At the Mdzananda Animal Clinic he loved being around people and the other pets. For two months we posted his pictures on facebook and adoption sites but no suitable home was found. Being a Pit Bull, our criteria for adoption was very strict. We had to ensure that he did not fall into the wrong hands where he would be used for dog fighting or get easily stolen to be used for fighting. We continued to look for a home for Magnum with no luck. At the end of November Magnum fell into a depression. He was no longer coping in the kennels and desperately needed to find a loving home. A video of him in his depressed state went viral on Facebook and attracted “The Magnum Fan Club” from across all corners of the world. Volunteers came to visit him and take him to the beach, friends brought him toys and even a biker group drove all the way to Khayelitsha to pay him a visit. His video was viewed by 16 000 people and soon three great homes applied to adopt him. On the 28th of December, Magnum went to his forever home with Nico and Sharon. He now lives happily on a big plot in Paarl and has blossomed in his new home. He is deeply loved by his family and it is clear that he loves them just as much. We wish you well big boy! We would like to thank every person who ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ Magnum’s video and pictures on Facebook as well as everyone who visited him and made him smile. YOU changed his life.


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