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Pit Bull Ester and her owner's miraculous turnaround

Ester was brought to Mdzananda by her owner for a “swollen face” and for not eating. She arrived completely neglected and very skinny. She has been living outside chained day in and out and we also discovered that she had a fractured femur that had not been treated. Ester stayed with us for a couple of weeks receiving a lot of TLC, good food and treatment for her injuries. She picked up weight and her injuries started to heal. Initially we wanted to remove Ester from her home permanently but we decided to try and work with the owner through education and regular check-ups. Ester’s story is a real success story. She was returned to her owner with strict instructions on how to care for her. He understood that if he did not look after Ester properly, she would be removed from his care permanently. He really took the education to heart. The Mdzananda drivers have been doing weekly check-ups at Ester’s home and her owner has made a turnaround. Ester is being cared for, receives good food and has good shelter. She is only kept on her chain for a short period per day - the rest of the day she runs freely. We will continue to keep Ester on our check list.

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