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A Pit Bull looked after by a community member

For anyone who believes there is no love for animals in a township this is an eye opener. A distressed community member who cares for animals saw this pit bull being abused and neglected by one of his owners.

He sent a facebook message to Mdzananda asking us to fetch the pit bull as the owner was neglecting her. The pit bull was being used for puppy breeding and the owner was not feeding her enough food for herself and her puppies. The Mdzananda team went to collect the pit bull girl - emaciated and scared. After being at Mdzananda for three weeks two of her pups died. Although we cannot say the exact cause of their death, we believe it was due to malnutrition as their mom could not provide enough milk for them to grow strong. Mom and her last little pup are receiving good food to gain some weight and are undergoing check-ups daily to ensure that they are getting better. Mom’s recovery time at Mdzananda will be a lengthy one as she needs to gain a lot of weight. In her third week with us she picked up only 800g – a very small amount for such a skinny girl eating good food. She will also need a lot of time to build up her confidence again. The community member who reported her to Mdzananda visits her regularly. He has shown great concern for her. The owner of the Pit Bull has also come to visit. He seems to be open to education and changing his ways of handling pets. We will educate and keep working with him to establish if this girl can be returned to him under strict conditions and regular checkups or whether she will be looking for a new forever home once she is healthy.

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