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Spike's fractured jaw

Spike, a white Ridgeback cross boy, was a motor vehicle accident victim. When he was brought to Mdzananda his owners told us that a neightbour’s dog attacked him but after some further investigation we found that the neighbour's car knocked him over and his jaw got fractured. They were scared to report the truth of the accident as they were scared their neighbours would get into trouble. The fracture was so bad that we considered a specialist to operate on him but our great Dr Brian knew that he could help this poor boy. After taking an x-ray to examine the break he was taken into surgery. Our veterinarians managed to put one piece of the jaw back together but the jaw was still out of alignment due to a fracture at the joint. A jaw sling was invented with velcro tape. This kept the lower jaw in proper alignment while it healed into the correct position. After wearing it for two weeks we removed it and spike has recovered very well.

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