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Will Enzy ever find her happy ending?

Misunderstood for being a Pit Bull with the softest heart

Four months ago we received a tip off from a community member that a dog was being neglected and not fed. We went to fetch the Pit Bull girl. She was nothing more than a bag of bones with a broken soul but she trusted us and her eyes showed gratitude for our love and help. With her came her three tiny pups.

We named her Enzy.

Enzy's first few weeks were mainly filled with sleeping and eating to help her back to health. Slowly she picked up weight. Her pups were not so lucky. Two of the little ones died due to malnutrition. Only little Nancy grew healthy and strong and was soon adopted into a loving home.

After being with us for a Month Enzy's weight started increasing and her eyes started showing a sparkle. We all fell in love with her and promised her it was all going to be okay.

Today, four months since she arrived, she is the most gentle natured, healthy Pit Bull girl. Her biggest treat is when she gets let out of her kennel for a run around the garden. Tail wagging she sniffles at every corner and follows our staff with a smile. Her soul and body has completely recovered and she knows that life can be good.

But four months in a kennel is not a life and adoption applications just did not arrive.

At last a wonderful community member adopted Enzy. This community member had been a long term client of Mdzananda who also adopted little Figo (another Pit Bull) when he was a skinny puppy with hardly any hair due to mange. Figo is now a beautiful, big healthy boy and we were confident that this would be the perfect home for Enzy. Unfortunately Enzy was back at Mdzananda the next morning. Not because she did anything wrong, in fact, she loved the home. She got on with Figo like a house on fire and played the entire afternoon. She also got along well with her adopted dad, but unfortunately her new mom was terrified of her.

Being a Pit Bull there are so many stigmas of aggression and fear of this breed. Enzy, who has not one aggressive bone in her body and simply loves head scratches, was feared because of the way she looked by her new mom. Enzy's adopted dad was very sad to to return Enzy but obviously he had to consider his wife's reaction to her - their dogs are much loved and part of the family and her fear of Enzy would not be good for either of them.

When Enzy came through our gates after experiencing one night of freedom and a real home you could see her face drop. Beautiful, gentle Enzy is back in her kennel. All she wants is a home that will love her and see past her breed type. She is a gentle girl, ,gets on well with all humans and other pets and would love to find her happy ending.

Can you open your heart to this special girl? If you can offer her a home or know of someone looking for a special girl please contact or Ros on 082 251 0544. She also welcomes any visitors who wish to brighten her day and take her for a walk as she has been living in a kennel for very long.

"I hope I find my forever home soon," love Enzy.

Here is a video of Enzy enjoying some play time with our other stray dogs.

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