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Join us for a picnic as we celebrate 20 years!

The Mdzananda Animal Clinic is turning 20! Join us in the fun and sign up to be a part of the next 20 years

On this momentous occasion we would like to invite you and your pet to join us at our Paw Member picnic. Come meet the team, have a picnic and enjoy the many farm activities. This fun event is our way of saying thank you to our generous Paw Members who have been supporting us for 20 years and to invite new Paw Members to join our family. (If you have already RSVP'd thank you very much!!!) Paw members are special supporters who commit to making a monthly donation to Mdzananda from anything as little as R25 per month. It all started with a community hero who wanted to help his neighbours’ pets. Mr Joe from the Khayelitsha community pushed a trolley and water bucked around bathing and feeding community pets. He soon attracted volunteers to assist him. A long standing volunteer was able to secure significant funding to assist the man in his animal saving efforts. Mr Joe handed over the management of the project to this volunteer who became the full time Project Manger up until May 2015 when a new director joined the Mdzananda team. Day by day the Mdzananda Animal Clinic grew and we are ecstatic to celebrate 20 years of serving the community's pets. As we celebrate our 20th birthday we also experience some sadness. Due to the economy one of our main and long standing donors has begun reducing annual funding by 20% this year. Due to the exchange rate this represents more than R 600 000 for the current year (and will continue deducting an extra 20% each year until the year 2020 when funding will stop for good). This is a big knock but we are staying positive as we launch our Paw Member campaign! Together we can continue to grow Mdzananda from strength to strength. If just 700 people sign up to become a Paw Member and donate R100 per month we will cover the deficit for this financial year. R100 per month might not be a lot to you but to us it saves an animal life. Here is what your Paw Member contribution will enable: R 25 pm: Flea and tick treatment for one pet R 50 pm: Vaccination for one pet R 100 pm: Food for one pet for one week R 200 pm: Puppy / kitten’s 3 vital vaccinations & dewormers R 300 pm: Food for one hospitalised patient per month R 450 pm: Caring for one shelter pet per month R 500 pm: One Sterilization R 1000 pm: One orthopeadic surgery We look forward to seeing you and your pet at our Paw Member picnic. Date: 25 September 2016 Place: Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, Strand Road, R44 Stellenbosch Time: We will be there from 11 - 2 Food and Drink: Blaauwlippen Family Market provides a range of delicious foods for you to choose from. You can also enjoy the many activities on the estate including the family market, wine tasting, animal farm, playground for kids, pony rides for kids, gift shop, artist studio, art gallery and much more. Please rsvp to by 23 September or contact us for any questions. Feel free to invite your friends!

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