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AJ finds her retirement home

AJ lived at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic for 12 years as the leader of our resident pet pack. After spending many years at Mdzananda our resident pets soon left one by one. Liquorish was diagnosed with cancer, Thandi found a retirement home where she spent the last 7 weeks of her life, Ruby was adopted and lives in Hout Bay and Bones stole the heart of our director and moved into their home with their three Maltese Poodles. Cutie, the youngster, had a cruciate ligament injury needing three operations and special care. She recently moved in with our Veterinarian Brian to be taken care of. Brian has now adopted her. AJ was the only one that remained. In her old age she became lonely and we put out an appeal for a retirement home. To the rescue came the Clegg family with two Labradors and a happy family. AJ fit in perfectly. She is doing very well and is loving the new environment. We miss our special girl very much but we are so happy to see her living a great life in her new home.

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