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A Bow Wow new year, we are ready!

It's a NEW YEAR and we are ready to make it a great one! We had a really great fiscal year last year in which we treated 6857 pets. This included 2820 pets in our consultation rooms, 1005 pets in our hospital, 1720 pets in our mobile clinics and 1312 theatre operations. Our primary health care services ensured that we sterilized 1054 pets, administered 2616 vaccinations, 2574 dewormers and 2585 flea and tick treatments. In 2017 we hope to be able to treat many more wonderful animals and assist their human companions. If you would like to support us on our journey in 2017 we encourage you to become a Paw Member and contribute a monthly donation towards these health care costs. Here is what your Paw Member subscription can do:

R 50 One pet’s vaccination or dewormer R 100 Food for a pet for one week R 200 A puppy or kitten’s three vital vaccinations & dewormers R 300 Food for one hospitalised pet per month R 450 Caring for one shelter pet per month R 500 One sterilization R 500 One basic operation R 1000 One orthopaedic surgery If you would like to sign up as a Paw Member send us an email at

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