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We need Paw Members to join our Mdzananda Family

As many of our Mdzananda friends already know we received notice in 2015 that our main funder (covering 60% - 70% of our expenses) will, due to the economic circumstances, start to withdraw their funding until full exit in 2020. This financial year funding was reduced by 31.55% - a whopping R 715 639. We need your help! We have scaled back on expenses as much as possible but the influx of animals needing treatment, operations, care and re-homing has not decreased, in fact, it has increased significantly. We need family members to help us cover this deficit. If 600 new Paw Members sign up by the end of June 2017, each committing to donate R100 per month, our deficit will be covered for this financial year. We are extremely grateful to the wonderful Paw Members who have signed up - 97 new Paw Members in the financial year so far. Thank you for this wonderful commitment in supporting us. We still have a long way to go but we know that you, our supporters, will help. Every drop fills the bucket. If you can sign up as a Paw Member and become a part of our family please contact

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