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A very special patient

At the Mdzananda Animal Clinic we are used to seeing dogs and cats as patients - hundreds of them in fact. On a monthly basis we can see up to 700 pets in our consultation rooms, mobile clinics, hospital, theatre, cat ward and stray unit. We can't really help getting just a little bit over-excited when we get a special patient like Goatsy. Goatsy was brought to Mdzananda one Saturday morning. Goatsy is only a couple of months old and was part of a larger herd of goats. Being one of the youngsters his owner indicated that he likes following the older goats around. Unfortunately he kept a bit too close to them and got stepped on leaving one of his front legs with a big nasty wound. Goatsy's wound was cleaned up and bandaged. Our veterinarians showed his owner how to apply a bandage so that they could rebandage his wound daily. A week later little Goatsy came back for a check up and his wound was well on its healing path.

Dr Friedl with Goatsy and his owner

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