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At the Mdzananda Animal Clinic creating an oasis means thinking "outside the office"

A little glimpse into the beauty at our organisation

Space is at a premium at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic so we think “outside the office”! Since we only have one office space, privacy can be lacking at times. In our outside meeting space serious discussions are held under the blue sky and green trees. These meetings are sometimes interrupted as the team watches a Southern Double-collared Sunbird fly by or a Cape Skink scurry across the path. Chief Gardener Michael Nzube and the dedicated maintenance team are responsible for the lovely outside space that we have. When looking for Michael you will find him putting together the most unique and beautiful planter contraptions or singing to himself as he beautifies the garden.

Although we can’t meet all the socio-economic needs of the community, each tree or shrub planted brings us a little closer to greening Khayelitsha. Imagine if we could have a programme to provide shelter from the sun for each dog by planting a tree or shrub. This is really a junction where showing compassion for animals will have the effect of creating an oasis we could all share. Perhaps we could partner with a like-minded organisation which has the resources to find the plants and teach us the basics – and we could pass that on. Our dream is to create an oasis for people and animals alike. We believe care and compassion are infinite resources and there’s always a will to care for animals as well as people.

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