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Cat dumped in a storm-water drain now doing well

Storm, a white and black spotted cat, was found in a storm water drain after a man had placed her there and left her to die. Luckily some caring community ladies saw the incident and called Mdzananda to help. Storm stayed in our cat ward for three weeks without moving. She had clearly been abused and neglected for quite some time. She did not understand love or accept any form of human interaction. To help Storm along her recovery road we sent her to a special foster mom. She was patient with her, spent a lot of time with her and taught her the little joys of life. Soon Storm started to blossom. Now, after many months, Storm is ready! She loves her toys, loves playing with the lazer pointer, purrs and curls around people's leg. This special girl is ready for her forever home - a home where she will be appreciated and loved. It would be best for Storm to be an only cat as she is a little bit grumpy towards other cats. If this is not possible, she does tolerate them with some moans. Please help us to introduce Storm to as many people as possible to find her perfect forever home. Contact if you can assist.

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