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The best Mommy Cat

A young ginger cat named Tabitha arrived at Mdzananda late in the afternoon. Her owner had brought her in due to a large wound on her hind leg. He also indicated that he could no longer look after her and handed her over to us. This very loving ginger girl had her wound cleaned and bandaged and overnight also produced a litter of kittens! With seven bundles of ginger and grey fur, Tabitha took the best care of them. We were so in awe of the special attention she gave to each little kitten that we took pictures to share the love with you. Tabitha and her seven little kittens are currently in a foster home. Her kittens need another couple of weeks before they will be ready for adoption. Mommy Tabitha will need a very special home too. If you are interested in booking Mommy Tabitha or one of her kittens please contact

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