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Orphan Annie finds her forever home

Annie was handed over to Mdzananda with severe mange and hardly any hair on her body. Her owner no longer wanted her and, although we explained that the problem was simply a skin disease and can be cured, Annie became an orphan. Despite having such a bad skin condition, she was one of the happiest dogs we have ever met. All the staff fell in love with her and we decided to adopt her as a "clinic pet". She spent her days in the office or following our staff around the clinic. What made her so special was that she loved everyone and everything. Cats - adored them. Barking Pit Bulls - they deserved kisses and tail wags. People - well, they were just the best. During the couple weeks that she stayed with us she received treatment for skin and blossomed. We loved having her in the office but soon realised that she needed much more love than we could offer. She wanted hugs and tickles all day and we decided it would be better for her to find a suitable home. Cleo saw her picture on Facebook and fell in love. Residing in Johannesburg, Cleo was in Cape Town at the time and came to meet her. They bonded immediately. A couple of weeks later Annie boarded a plane. She now lives in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, loving every moment.

Annie at Mdzananda | Now, living the life in Johannesburg

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