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Bolt is home

If you follow our Facebook page you might have seen that one of our resident dogs, Bolt, went missing. In March, when we experienced an evening of thunderstorms, Bolt somehow found a way over our wall. For two months we looked for Bolt. We placed posters across Khayelitsha offering a reward for his return but no one saw him. Two weeks ago a group of eight little boys arrived at our clinic saying that they had found Bolt. They led our staff to the home where they had seen him and indeed, it was Bolt. The lady of the home said that he arrived one day and she decided he could stay until she could find his owner. We are all extremely happy to have Bolt back, but mainly we are happy that he is safe. He is currently spending his days with us in our office relaxing, learning tricks and eating many snacks. We would like to find him a home. We cannot run the risk of him getting frightened by loud sounds again. If you can offer him a home please contact Nicolette on He is a stunning boy, medium to large breed, some German Shepherd genes and very obedient.

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