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Nono gets shot protecting her owner

Nono is a what we call a local heroine - she was shot while protecting her owner. Her owner, an elderly lady from the community, arrived at our clinic one morning frantically asking for help. Her dog had been shot and she had no way to transport her to our clinic. Our animal ambulance rushed to her home to collect Nono. The previous night burglars tried to break in. They broke the front window and, at the sound of the breaking glass, Nono started barking and ran to the window to protect her owner and home. The burglars shot her in the shoulder. Luckily she had scared them enough that they ran away. At our clinic it was found that the bullet had passed through her shoulder and out the other side. She needed the wound too be cleaned and and stitched up but no bones were broken in the process. A very lucky girl. Nono recovered well and joined her owner back home a couple of days later.

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