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Molly's degloved paw heals thanks to supporters like you

Molly came to Mdzananda after being knocked over by a car - a common occurrence in the Kahyelitsha community. Her injury was not the normal broken leg, instead, both of her hind legs were degloved with her wounds being so deep that bone was visible. Her owner tried to bandage her legs with socks. Unfortunately, though the intention was good, the socks caused her wounds to become septic. Molly has been with us for a couple of weeks and has received pain medication, antibiotics as well as regular honey application and bandage changes. Raw honey has miraculous healing properties and we use this on all our patients with severe wounds. Molly will be going home this week as her legs have healed extremely well. She was also sterilised in the process. A case like Molly's and, in fact for the cases of all our little patients, it would not be possible to assist without supporters like you. We would like to thank everyone who has signed up as a Paw Member (monthly donor), people who make once off donations, who donate goods in kind, who help by supporting our events, volunteering or even sharing posts on social media. Without your help we would not be able to assist pets like Molly.

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