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Cat tied up and burned with boiling water, now living happily ever after

Marmalade is a four year old male ginger cat that came to Mdzanana on the 28th of July. His owner, a young man from the community, brought him to us for help. The young man's father had tied Marmalade up as the cat had been eating the human food in the house. The chain caused deep wounds around his neck. Somehow Marmalade again got hold of human food and the father threw boiling water on him. Marmalade had severe, grade two burn wounds down his back and neck when he arrived at Mdzananda.

The young man brought Marmalade to us as he said his father would kill the cat. He loved his cat and wanted us to help him find Marmalade a home where he would be safe.

Marmalade stayed with us for a couple of weeks to receive treatment for his wounds. Even though he had experienced severe trauma he was friendly, loving and simply wanted to cuddle. Today Marmalade has a happy ending. He has been adopted into a home where he lives with other cat friends and receives all the love he deserves.

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