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A helping hand for Mdzananda Staff

Photo by Nic Bothma / EPA

Mdzananda has a team of 19 permanent staff and 3 part time staff. Working daily with animals causes compassion fatigue and working daily doing heavy lifting of animals and hard scrubbing to clean cages causes body pain. Seventeen of our staff members are from the Khayelitsha community and don’t earn enough to afford physiotherapists, massages, psychologists etc. There is also not much access to emotional support in the community.

We are wanting to set up a mental and physical health support programme for our staf consisting of various volunteers who can offer any forms of physical or mental health services on a pro bono basis. We aim to make this a continious programme filled with supportive services as well as fun activities. We have already received some offers of support from friends but would like to put the appeal out to you, our supporters. If you know anyone who is in the mental or physical health profession and who would be willing to become a part of our staff health programme, please contact us on, 021 367 6001 or 082 251 0554.

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