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The 'Fence Project' prevents beloved pet from being rehomed

On the second of January a lady brought her dog to Mdzananda to hand him over. Her house didn't have a fence around the yard and, as a result, her dog lived on a chain. Children had thrown firecrackers at her dog and, out of fear for the dog's safety, she decided it would be better to hand him over to Mdzananda. She arrived at the clinic in tears. She clearly loved her dog very much but felt she had no choice but to hand him over to protect him. This is when Dr Brian, our senior veterinarian, came up with the Fence Project. Dr Brian and the Mdzananda staff decided to try a pilot Fence Project - we offered to keep the woman’s dog and to build a wooden pallet fence around her yard. Once the fence was complete her dog could return home. She was overjoyed and so grateful. Throughout the month of January, Lalapi, our Maintenance Team Leader, spent his days cutting wood and building a fence. Now the fence is complete. The owner are overjoyed and the dog has returned home. He can now live safely in his own yard, free from a chain . His owners also didn't have to go through the heartbreak of losing their beloved dog.

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