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Is Jinx really jinxed?

If you've been following our social media you would have read about a boy named Jinx. When I gave him the name I never thought his life would actually turn out to be jinxed. Jinx was handed over to us in December by his owner who no longer wanted him. He's a Staffie boy of around 5 years old. As he is a fighting breed we initially decided to keep him separate from the "stray pack" as our pack was very large and we didn't want to encourage and bad behaviour. He stayed in his own kennel for around a month. Jinx then went off to Oscar's Ark for the weekend. We were excited and hoped that he would get adopted BUT it didn't work out that well. He showed aggression to the other dogs and he had to come back to Mdzananda. We promoted Jinx as much as possible but, because he had to be an only dog, we just couldn't find him a home. Three months passed and Jinx started getting kennel depression from being alone in his kennel. We turned to our friends at Rescue is the New Black for help. Within a couple of days a miracle happened - someone wanted to adopt Jinx! The home check went well. The family seemed perfect. He spent the weekend in his new home getting love, walks and even a trip to the parlour. BUT Monday came and Jinx had to be collected. The family didn't want to keep him as he wasn't house trained and he had acid reflux and coughed when getting excited. He is receiving antibiotics for his cough. So now Jinx is back at Mdzananda, alone in his kennel again. If anyone can foster or adopt this gorgeous boy he would be so grateful. He is absolutely fantastic with people - just like a big puppy that wants to be on your lap all the time - but he has to be an only dog. Get in touch on if you can help Jinx get unjinxed.

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