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The story of Leonard

If you've been following us on social media you might have seen a boy named Leonard - a strong Staffordshire x Pit Bull x Africanis x awesome. Leonard was handed over to Mdzananda during 2018's festive season, just before Christmas when many community members went to the Eastern Cape. He was in good condition and a happy boy but confused. Why was he all of a sudden in a strange place instead of his home all of a sudden? Being a fighting breed we kept him separate from our stray dog pack as our pack is not the best set up for fighting breeds. Leonard was kept in his own kennel and, after two months, became very depressed. He wanted to play, have space to move around and he desperately wanted human attention No one showed any interest in adopting him. Only community members wanted to adopt him and we have a policy of not adopting fighting breeds back into the community due to the prevalence of dog fighting and theft of these breeds. We were becoming hopeless and got in touch with Staffordshire Rescue for help. They offered to take Leonard for a while - this would give him a break from kennel life and a bit of a holiday. Leonard had an assessment with a behaviourist and came out with flying colours. He is a friendly and chilled dog that gives the most beautiful smiles. He is a confident boy in a crowd of dogs but will stand up for himself when another dog gives trouble. Leonard is still looking for his forever home. We hope that someone who is familiar with the Staffirdshire / Pit Bull breed will be interested in offering him a home to make his own. He's had a long journey and deserves a home where he can be free to run around, play and be himself. If you can offer him a forever home please get in touch on or 082 251 0554.

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