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Blinded puppy with mangled face now living happily ever after

A puppy of around ten weeks old was brought to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic with a severe wound to his face. The entire side of his face was mangled. It looked like he had been electrocuted, possibly while chewing on an electrical wire. Sadly, his owners brought him for help quite some time after the injury had occurred and, as a result, the wound got infected. The infection had spread across the side of his face - skin was dying, one eye went blind and teeth had fallen out. The pup looked like a little Frankenstein. We named him Zee. Zee was admitted to our theatre where we stitched his wounds up as best as possible. This was not an easy job as the skin around the mouth kept dying meaning the stitched skin wouldn't bind. At last the skin reached a point where it stopped dying and we could stitch the live parts together. He received a lot of medication and stayed with us for a number of weeks to heal and for us to monitor his process. His skin healed very well and soon he was ready to go back home. His owners, however, didn’t want him back so he entered our puppy foster programme. One would think that a puppy that went through so much would be depressed - not this little guy. This special boy was one of the happiest puppies we had ever met at our clinic. All he wanted to do was be in your arms, be held and be tickled. Today, Zee has been adopted by a family who loves him for being the special puppy that he is. He has grown quite a bit already and his face has healed beautifully.

Animals sure can teach us humans a lot about dealing with trauma and pain.

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