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Four pit-bull crosses needing assistance

Being an animal hospital we’ve never fully been set up to house stray pets, however, with the significant increase in abandoned and homeless pets we have experienced, we established a shelter and homing programme in 2015. Initially the programme was small with only three dogs and cats at any given time. Today we have more stray pets than what we can comfortably handle. Our dog runs (where hospital patients received exercise) became converted into our dog shelter facility and our cat ward (for cat hospital patients) became the cat shelter facility. Today we have a minimum of 15 pets handed over to us on a monthly basis and average 30 dogs and 30 cats at any given time. Adoptions promotions and procedures are time consuming, yet, we do not have sufficient funding to hire a new person to run this programme. As a result we try to spit the work between our Director, Fundraiser and Administrator. Lately we have experienced an influx of power breeds being handed over. Bull terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls and mixtures of these breeds. We have a strict policy of not allowing such breeds to be adopted into communities where organized dog fighting happens. These breeds are often stolen for dog-fighting in our community and we prefer for them to go to homes further away. This policy, however, cuts out many potential homes. People from outside of the community also seem to be fearful of these breeds or feel they are not equipped to manage such breeds. Well, we have four beautiful cross breed boys and girls currently looking for homes and we can guarantee you, you will fall in love with them.

Obama Obama is a lovely, gentle Pit Bull boy of around 7 years old. He was handed over as unwanted and is very sad, sitting at our kennels at Mdzananda. He wants to be around people and other dogs, but as our stray pack set-up is not the best for fighting breeds, he's alone in a kennel and very unhappy. His bright soul is taking a knock and he would love to be around people where he can have the love he so desperately needs. When you visit him at his kennel, he lights up – his entire face smiles and tail wags like a helicopter’s spinning propeller. He smothers you with love and kisses and is always extremely sad when one leaves. He would love for someone to stay with him in his kennel and just to cuddle on their laps. He is extremely clever and will be a very loyal companion.

Leonard Leonard was handed over to Mdzananda during 2018's festive season, just before Christmas when many community members went to the Eastern Cape. Being a fighting breed we kept him separate from our stray dog pack as our pack is not the best set up for fighting breeds. Leonard was kept in his own kennel and, after two months, became very depressed. He wanted to play, have space to move around and he desperately wanted human attention. No one showed any interest in adopting him. We were becoming hopeless and got in touch with Staffordshire Rescue for help. They offered to take Leonard for a while - this would give him a break from kennel life and a bit of a holiday. Leonard had an assessment with a behaviourist and came out with flying colours. He is a friendly and chilled dog that gives the most beautiful smiles. He is a confident boy in a crowd of dogs but will stand up for himself when another dog gives trouble. Leonard is still looking for his forever home.

Lady Lady was handed over to us many months ago, got adopted, and out of no fault of her own, got returned. The family simply decided that they no longer wanted her. Such situations are always so sad. Even though house checks and background checks are done, one can never really know if you have found the perfect home for a pet. Lady is absolutely adorable and very loving. She is great with kids and other dogs and will make a great family member or only dog friend. We estimate her to be around 3 years old.

Jinx Jinx was handed over to Mdzananda many months ago as unwanted. Even though his coat was shiny and he was definitely well cared for he became abandoned, likely due to so many people going to the Eastern Cape over the festive season and, as a result, giving their pets away. Jinx stayed with us for many months in his own kennel and became severely depressed. He needed exercise and much more human interaction than what we could give him. With the generous and greatly appreciated help from Staffie Rescue SA and Rescue is the New Black, Jinx is currently being fostered on their farm where he has space to breathe. Jinx is looking for a family who will really just love him. He adores kisses and tummy tickles. He needs someone who won’t mind his scars from his previous life. He is not good with other dogs so will need to be an only child. Even though he is absolutely amazing with people, whatever history he had has made him reactive to other dogs. Thus, he will need a bit of a firm hand and some training.

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