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Pup bitten on head with eye hanging out - now recovering well

A tiny puppy, just 6 weeks old, was brought to Mdzananda after another dog had bitten him on his head. When he arrived at our clinic his eye was hanging out. Instead of immediately removing the eye, our veterinarians decided to place the damaged eye back into its socket to see if it would heal with treatment. Even though this little guy must have been in so much pain, his little tail kept wagging. He was always ready to be held and to offer puppy breath kisses. The puppy stayed with us for a couple of weeks receiving treatment, love and care. He seemed to adapt well to only having one functioning eye. He was sent home with treatment and care instructions to his mommy and six other puppies. He will be returning regularly for check ups. Our hope is for the eye to recover fully. Time and check ups will tell. The little pup went home with his family in good spirits - they were extremely grateful for the medical help we were able to provide him.

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