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How long didn't they feed her? Emaciated dog now in good hands

On Monday the 2nd of September, Mitchells Plain Animal Welfare brought a sad soul to Mdzananda Animal Clinic. The dog, a female Pit Bull cross, was skin and bones. Her eyes told a story of pain and neglect.

MPAW had received a call. The owners of the dog had had her for three months. According to them they had been feeding her three times a day but she wasn't picking up weight. They wanted to surrender her. MPAW collected the dog and brought her to Mdzananda. Lets just say, neither us or the MPAW staff believe the story of her not picking up weight - she clearly hadn't been fed for days on end. What is even sadder is that the house she was collected from sold take-always like fish and chips on weekends. Surely there was some food for her.

But that is in the past. Thanks to MPAW she is safe and recovering at Mdzananda. Her stay with us will be a long one - she will need time to pick up weight and get back to health. Once she is healthy and strong, she will be sterilised and vaccinated. Once she is ready she will need a new home - one where she will be loved and food won't be withheld from her.

If you can help, please make a donation towards her care. Any donation, big or small, will assist greatly in looking after her while she is with us.

If you would like to adopt her once she is ready, please get in touch on MPAW will be doing her house check and adoption process. Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, 075595710, Rondebosch, 025009, Reference: PitBull+YourName SnapScan & Overseas Donation Portals:

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