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Mommy dog with liver failure saved thanks to generous donation

Mommy Roxy was brought to Mdzananda with an enormous swollen tummy. She had had puppies just two weeks before and her parents were concerned that her stomach was not getting any smaller. Thanks to a donation from Idexx Laboratories, we were able to run blood tests (an expensive procedure that we usually do not have funds to do). The basic health profile test came up showing that Roxy's liver enzymes were very high and that her liver was damaged. We weaned her puppies from her to prevent them causing extra stress and started her on supportive medication. After being with us for a while she started responding well to the medication. She was sterilised and then sent home to her family along with her puppies. Roxy will be coming for regular check-ups to keep an eye on her liver's healing process. Roxy's diagnosis was purely thanks to a donation. Some cases that come to our clinic are advanced and require much more funding than an average case. We cannot support such cases if we do not have the financial means to do so.

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