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Pup loses ear in fight but recovers well

At our NPO veterinary clinic we treat between 700 - 1000 patients per month from the Khayelitsha community. One such patient was a young dog who was brought to the clinic by his owners for severe burn wounds on the head. We do not have details of how the attack happened, but sadly, this little guy got into a big dog fight where other dogs attacked him. To break up the fight, someone threw boiling water on to the pack of dogs - a common means of breaking up fights in the community we serve. The little guy got burnt in the process, but the fight ended, likely saving his life. The treatment for his wound was honey - a miracle healer. It was applied to the wound and wrapped up in a bandage until the wound started to scab. The bandage was then removed and coconut oil regularly applied. The ear pinna (the part made of cartilage and covered by skin or fur) had died due to the burn and came off without needing surgery. This young pup is recovering well and will soon be ready to go back home. Even though he will be without an ear in future, he has adjusted wonderfully and is all smiles and tail wags.

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