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Dine Online with our dogs and cats

Lonely during lockdown? Missing friends and family? Or simply bored... You're invited to a Dine Online with us Grab your computer and socialise while doing good for the pets of Khayelitsha Since we can't venture to a restaurant, dine with us online at MAC's Kitchen. Whatever you would have spent at a dinner "in the real world" you can now donate to Mdzananda while nibbling on your own dinner at home (al be it beans on toast) Here's how it works Option 1: Register to be a Host or Option 2: Join the party

Register to be a Host - For the Daring Invite your friends and family for a video dinner, making use of the Zoom app. We'll send you the MAC's Kitchen menu with scrumptious items for your guests to choose from. Each item will be priced to guide you in making a donation. Set a date and a time to meet up for your virtual dinner. Register by contacting We'll give you easy to use instructions on how to use Zoom

Register to be a Host - For the Conservative

Not too keen on Zoom virtual dinner? Host a "pretend dinner" instead. Invite your guests to your pretend dinner by sending them the MAC's Kitchen menu. They can choose which item they would have eaten in a real restaurant and donate that to Mdzananda. Register by contacting

Join the Party If you don't want to be a host but still want to join a virtual or pretend party get in touch on We will allocate you to our virtual host or invite you to our own pretend party.

Parties will take place from 16 - 30 April Hope to see you there!

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