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Blinded Pup With Deformed Face Becomes A Mascot To Save More Lives

Click here to watch her video Just 6 weeks old, Eyevy was completely blind in one eye with half her face deformed. She’d chewed on a live wire. Her previous owners left her injury without treatment too long and an infection had spread to her eye, blinding it. She lost most of her teeth and half her tongue. The skin around her mouth started to rot and die. At Mdzananda, Eyevy's face was stitched up. She received treatment and care. Eyevy was adopted by Laetitia and her two year old daughter, Lila. They named her Eyevy because of her special eye. "We fell in love with her straight away. She brings this atmosphere in the house of constant love. Without Mdzananda we wouldn't have Eyevy and she wouldn't have received such great treatment. Please become Paw Member and sign up." Leatitia signed up as a #PawMember and donates R100 per month to help more pets like Eyevy. Mdzananda is under financial strain due to Covid-19. We need 1000 #PawMembers like Leatitia. Sign up as a #PawMember at or contact Click here to watch their video

Sign up as a #PawMember at Already a Paw Member? Well you're just awesome. Help us by making it your mission to encourage one more person to sign up.


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