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Disabled pets get a second chance at happiness

The Story of Boogie

When I arrived at Mdzananda today our veterinarian hastily ran towards me. “There’s a really special dog I need to show you,” she said. She led me to our homeless shelter and there he was - the cutest one-eyed guy I’ve ever seen. His name is Boogie. I went into his kennel and plonked myself down onto the floor, ready to smother him with love. And love I sure received. He hopped around me on three legs as his hind leg is lame and gave me a googly eye with big smiles and tail wags. I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled my face into his neck. He wasn’t quite sure what I was doing but he soon leaned into it and lapped up the love and kisses. Boogie was brought to Mdzananda as a patient for a fractured hind leg. Our veterinarians spent a lot of time and effort into healing him and when he was ready to go home his owner didn’t want him anymore. So Boogie entered our homeless pet shelter and now he is waiting for a new forever home. Our veterinarians and staff have fallen absolutely head over heels for this kind, loving and gentle boy. We are all hoping that he will find a forever or foster home soon. One of the many things I love about Mdzananda is that we give every pet a chance, even the disabled ones. Boogie with his one eye and lame leg deserves a chance at a happy life. I can’t wait to see him find the best home ever. ❤️ To adopt or foster Boogie, please phone/WhatsApp 0649852513 or email Visit our website to see our other doggies and cats ready for adoption

The Story of Ben

Today I needed some extra love after a hard couple of days. What better way than snuggling a homeless dog - he could really do with some love too. I walked through our kennels wondering who needs love the most and my eye fell on blind Ben. Ben was brought to Mdzananda after his eyes suddenly started going grey. We thought it could be caused by distemper but he tested negative for the virus. We treated his eyes and the grey started fading but he never regained his sight. His owner then handed him over to us as she didn’t feel she could cope with a blind dog. So I opened his kennel gate and plonked myself on the floor. Within seconds Ben was all over me, kissing, licking, jumping, smiling… The biggest bundle of love. I sat there hugging him (and trying to block him from licking and kissing me all over my face, in my eyes and up my nose) - the best doggy therapy I could wish for. And in the moment I realised how much he was teaching me. He was showing me that, even though his life is very hard - he’s stuck in a small kennel space without a home and blind - one never has to give up hope and one can always smile through it. Ben never stopped smiling throughout my half an hour with him. Feeling better I got up and said goodbye. “I’ll come visit you again, Ben and I promise I’m trying to find you a forever home. Keep faith - it will come”. I strolled to the office to get back to work, my heart lighter. Thank you Ben for the doggie therapy. Whoever adopts you will be so lucky. I hope your home comes soon. If you would like to foster or adopt Ben please get in touch on


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