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Khayelitsha puppy saved from certain death

On Wednesday the 16th of April, a puppy was saved from certain death on a dumpsite in Khayelitsha. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic reports that the puppy was found just in time and moments away from her last breath.


While the organisation’s animal ambulance was travelling through the community, collecting dogs in need of medical care, a group of City of Cape Town workers flagged the ambulance down. They had just arrived at a patch of rubble that needed cleaning when they discovered the puppy at death’s door, but still breathing.


The puppy, only three months old, was rushed to the NPO animal clinic for treatment. After a medical assessment it was confirmed that the puppy had severe mange and was very malnourished. The puppy is receiving treatment to cure the mange along with vitamin boosters and pain medication. She has also received a dewormer, flea and tick treatment and all necessary vaccinations.


“On arrival the puppy looked like it had given up,” says Sr Heidi May, General Manager. “But once she started receiving love and care from our staff, she started showing a bit of spirit again.” The puppy received a gentle bath and nutritious food and is now recovering in the clinic’s hospital under observation.


“She is not aggressive, very passive and very lovable. It is very heartsore to see her in this condition and yet, she does not hate humans,” says Lynton Adams, Operations Manager.


The puppy, now named Nala, has been in our hospital recovering and is doing very well. She is still on some medication and has officially been admitted to our stray programme and is ready for adoption.


Any donations towards the puppy’s care and rescue can be made to Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Account number: 075595710, Branch Code: 025009, Savings account, Reference: Nala +Your Name. SnapScan and other donation portals can be found on


For any enquiries contact / 021 367 6001.


Remember little Nala, the puppy found at death’s door on a dump site in Khayelitsha? Look at her now! She’s happy, healthy, and boarding a plane to her new forever home in PE.

We wish you the happiest life, Nala. Travel safely.







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Mia Davis
Mia Davis
02 mai

That is so awful, how can humans be so cruel to animals and just discard them as if they are rubbish. I am so grateful this little girl has been saved. Does she need a foster home?

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