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We’re doubling sterilisations!

The pet population is skyrocketing with an estimate of 300 000 companion animals in Khayelitsha, many being unsterilised. We’ve launched a brand new programme to address this problem.

On the 4th of January we launched a satellite sterilisation clinic in partnership with Blue Downs Animal Hospital. In just five months we’ve already sterilised an extra 353 animals!

To date we sterilise around 1500 animals per year. This is not enough. We don’t have capacity to do more at our facility – we provide medical treatment to over 1000 animals per month. But now, with the satellite unit we can!

The programme was made possible by the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in the United Kingdom who sponsored sterilisation costs for 720 animals in 2022. But we want to reach more.

Please become a #SteriSuppawter and donate R100 per month to sterilise two pets per year or R50 to sterilise one pet per year. Sign up at or donate a once off amount of R650 to sterilise one animal.

Watch this video to see the sterilisation clinic in action.

We are so excited, we hope you are too!


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