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You're invited - Mandela day painting and tree planting at Mdzananda

You're invited to spend your 67 minutes painting our hospital and planting trees at Mdzananda

Our facility hasn't had a coat of paint in 10 years (or even more). You're invited to help beautify the beautiful place which is Mdzananda. And yes, we'll be painting it a bright orange - the colour which represents Mdzananda's creativity, zest for doing the best and passion for animals.

We've also had trees donated. We need your green fingers to plant them. We aim to be role models in the community, greening our garden and creating shade for the dogs. Imagine if every home in Khayelitsha had a tree. The space would instantly be beautified, a dog will have shade and it will provide a happier, healthier place for humans and animals.

Let's do it together.

Saturday 16 July | 9am - 12:30pm

Monday 18 July | 9am - 4pm


If you have any, bring them along:

Paint brushes and rollers

Turpentine / thinners

Heavy duty brooms

Ground sheets


If you have contacts for paint donations, please let us know on


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