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Paw Member 

Paw Members are the essential blood flow of the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. These special members commit to making a monthly donation to make our work possible.

Sign up now!


Click HERE to set up your Debit Order from your SA bank account

Click HERE to set up a recurring monthly donation from your Credit Card (worldwide) 

Here's what your pawsome monthly donation will do:

R 25 pm:     Deworming of one pet

R 40 pm:     Flea and tick treatment for one pet
R 50 pm:     Vaccination for one pet
R 100 pm:   Food for one pet for one week 
R 150 pm:   Puppy / kitten’s 3 vital vaccinations

R 200 pm:   Puppy / kitten's 3 vital vaccinations & dewormers in their first year

R 250 pm:   Treatment for one skin infection patient
R 300 pm:   Food for one hospitalised patient per month
R 450 pm:   Caring for one shelter pet per month
R 500 pm:   One Sterilization

R 500 pm:   Treatment for one tick bite fever patient 

R 1500 pm: Treatment for one Parvovirus patient

R 3500 pm: One orthopeadic surgery (broken bones)

We will post your Paw Member certificate to you and one of our pets will send you a birthday card!

For any further information contact us on

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