A Happy Place for every pet and owner!


We have numerous sections working together to make up the Mdzananda Animal Clinic.




Our consultation room is the first stop for any animal coming to the clinic. Here a pet is examined and assessed. Minor treatments can be administered here after which pets can be sent home. For more severe treatments pets are admitted to hospital. 



Our hospital facility is where pets receive full day and over night treatment until they are ready to be discharged. Animals that have undergone surgery also receive post surgery treatment here. 



Our theatre facility is equipped with an operating theatre, orthopeadic tools for orthopeadic surgeries and a x-ray room. All opperations happen here. We encourage every owner to have their pet sterilized. Around 100 sterilizations are performed monthly amongst other operations.

Education Clinics


Education clinics run on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our mobile team goes door to door educating the community members on animal health care. They also assess the home and animal's environment and make suggestions as to how the owners can inprove the animal's quality of life. Follow ups are done to ensure for change. 

Mobile Clinics


Mobile clinics run Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. These are an extention of our on site consultation room and enable people to get help for their pets when they are too far away from the clinic to bring their pets themselves. Pets are vaccinated, dewormed and receive flea and tick treatment as a standard procedure. Animals that need further assistance are transported to the clinic and admitted to hospital. They are returned to owners when they are better. 

Stray Adoptions


Often community members find strays roaming the streets. They assist them by bring them to Mdzananda. They remain with us until we are able to find them suitable homes.


Strays dogs are kept in our kennel facilities which have large roaming grounds with grass to play on.  Stray cats stay in our cattery which has a cozy inside space as well as an outside play area per unit. 



When emergencies are reported our ambulance service will fetch a pet from their home or place where the accident occured. They are taken to Mdzananda where they are admitted for treatment.



An on site vetshop sells everything that a pet would need at low prices which are affordable to the community. Items include good food, leads, collars, jackets, blankets, toys, treats, kennels and shampoo to name a few.



At Mdzananda we have a small nursery growing and selling plants. We work hard at making our premises beautiful with plants and gardens. We encourage community members to green their homes as trees bring life and beauty. A tree brings shade for humans and pets to enjoy.

School Education Programme


A programme targeted specifically at children has been developed. The programme teaches children to become more self-reliant, resilient, responsible and compassionate.


This school programme is a newly launched programme which is still in pilot and development phase.

A trained Animal Education Assistant provides interactive training and information to school children through our written training material. An activity workbook named “Let’s go to Mdzananda Animal Clinic with Lucky’s Activity Book” is provided to each child. 

21297 Govan Mbeki Road Khayelitsha | 082 251 0554 | 021 367 6001

After hour emergencies: SPCA 083 326 1604 / Cape Animal Medical Centre - 24h Private Practice in Kenilworth (full private practice rates will be charged): 021 674 0034

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