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We have numerous sections working together to make up the Mdzananda Animal Clinic.




Our consultation room is the first stop for any animal coming to the clinic. Here a pet is examined and assessed. Minor treatments can be administered here after which pets can be sent home. For more severe treatments pets are admitted to our hospital. 



Our hospital facility is where pets receive full day and over night treatment until they are ready to be discharged. Animals that have undergone surgery also receive post surgery treatment here. 



Our theatre facility is equipped with an operating theatre, orthopeadic tools for orthopeadic surgeries and a x-ray room. We encourage every owner to have their pet sterilised (it is our policy to only treat animals if owners commit to sterilise)



When emergencies are reported our ambulance will fetch a pet from their home or place where the accident occurred. They are taken to Mdzananda where they are admitted for treatment.


The majority of our ambulance service is sponsored by WTG | Welttierschutzgesellschaft

Mobile Clinics


These are an extension of our on-site consultation room and enable people to get help for their pets when they are too far away from the clinic to bring their pets themselves. Pets are vaccinated, dewormed and receive flea and tick treatment as a standard procedure. Animals that need further assistance are transported to the clinic and admitted to our hospital. They are returned to owners when they are better. 


The majority of our ambulance service is sponsored by WTG | Welttierschutzgesellschaft

Mdzananda Referral Clinic
Small NPO referral clinic


Many small animal welfare organisations do not have access to veterinary care or cannot afford private veterinary rates. We have partnered with a number of smaller oranigsations who bring a set number of pets to us per month to receive treatment at a very low cost. We believe in working together - we are all working towards the greater good of the animals. 

Mdzananda Mass Sterilisation Programme Khayelitsha
Mass Sterilisation Programme


Our physical clinic is at capacity but we need to sterilise more! We've partnered with the Blue Downs Animal Clinic. Our outreach programmes identify unsterilised animals who we transport to Blue Downs for sterilisation and transport them back home thereafere. They also receive primary health care, a general check up and treatment for other illnesses.


720 pets have been sponsored by the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home who helped us launch this programme in January 2022. Sign up as a #SteriSuppawter to help sterilise more

Door-to-door education


Our mobile team goes door to door educating community members on animal healthcare. They also assess the home and animal's environment and makes suggestions as to how the owners can improve the animal's quality of life. 

School Education


From time to time we are asked by schools and other grassroot organisations to present animal care workshops. We also host children at our clinic during their holidays. These children volunteer, helping to bathe pets, clean cages and more. They learn through having hands on experience and take this knowledge into the community, inviting their friends to join. 

This programme is currently on hold due to lack of funding. 

Homeless shelter and adoptions


Often community members find strays roaming the streets or need to hand their animals over if they can no longer care for them. These pets remain with us until we are able to find them suitable homes.

As our organisation is predominantly an animal hospital our shelter unit is very small.  We can house 15 dogs and 15 cats. If we have more we rely on fosters.

Vet shop


An on-site vet shop sells everything that a pet would need at low prices which are affordable to the community. Items include good food, leads, collars, jackets, blankets, toys, treats, kennels and shampoo to name a few.

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