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There are many ways in which you can volunteer at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic:


  • Veterinarians - volunteer your time at the clinic


  • Have any special skills? Architect, IT, Electritian etc? Get in touch, we often need assistance in all areas​.


  • Volunteer - be a volunteer at our events such as kennel building days and book sales. We have a Whatsapp group for our volunteers where we post things we need assistance with. Please email to be added to the Whatsapp group. 


  • Admin - we do not have sufficient administration staff and would love to have volunteers who can assist with administration work at the clinic and from home.

  • Foster- we have a very small stray section and often have more strays than what we have space for. Your home can become a foster home to a dog or cat. Please see our adoptions page. 


  • Be Creative - make blankets, dog jackets, dog beds.


  • Newspapers - we use a large amount of newspapers - get your friends, family or colleagues to collect. We have various drop spots across Cape Town where you can deliver them. See our donations page. 


  • Drop spot - we need drop spots across Cape Town where people can drop donations.


  • Fundraise - get your work team, school, friends or family together and fundraise for us - sell cupcakes, wash cars, be creative.


  • Challenge Yourself - Why not do something you've always dreamed of and help a good cause at the same time? Participate in a challenging event such as skydiving, a cycle race and get people to sponsor you.

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