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Medical Consumables

Newspapers to line kennels

Deworming pills

Spot-ons for flea and tick control

Raw honey to treat wounds

Coconut oil for Burn wounds/injuries


Autoclave tape

X-Ray Plates / Sheets

Orthopeadic pins from Surgical Systems

Rechargeable batteries AA size

Size 40 clipper blades from Ace Grinding



Hills A/D  tinned food for patients in recovery

Cat & kitten food

Cat soft sachets

Dog & puppy food

Dog chews for our frustrated cage rested canines


Pet Needs

Cotton rope 1cm thick to hand out as leads

Dog leads and collars

Cage toys for kitties on cage rest

Cat litter for cat ward



Automatic washing powder

Black bin bags

Medical disinfectants/cleaning products

Liquid antiseptic hand wash

Home cleaning products such as Handy Andy

​Wish List 

Medical Equipment

Blade handles

Silicone shoe for doyen bowel clamp


Large haemostats

Mosquito forceps

Mayo Chamf Blades Straight

Mayo Chamf Blades Curved

Xray room protective thyroid protectors

Mayo straight supercut scissors

Spencer wells artery forceps

Bowel clamps doyen straight

Bowel clamps small straight atraumatic 170mm

Bowel clamps small curved atraumatic 170mm

Bowel clamps doyen curved

Olsen Hegar Needle Supercut

Xray room protective coats

Xray room protective gloves

Theatre and prep room - basic Gratnells trolleys


Spay kits

Surgical Instrument Packs

Photizo light unit for healing wounds

Oxygen concentrator machine

Medical Tool Sterilizer

Ultra sound machine

Theatre and prep room - orthopaedic kit




Printer/photocopy paper

White board markers

Pens, preferably click pens


Any financial donations to our permeant security company and guard which we had to employ after various armed robberies during Lockdown.This alone is costing us R26 000 per month. 

Financial support for individual pets

Flea and tick treatment for a pet - R25

Vaccinate a pet - R50

Deworm a pet - R50

Food for one pet for one week - R100
Puppy's 3 vital vaccinations & dewormers  - R200
Food for one hospitalised patient for

a month  - R300
Caring for one shelter pet for a month - R450

Sterilize a pet - R500

Orthopeadic operation - R1000


Financial support monthly

Medical drugs & consumables - R145 000 p/m

Pet food - R3 000 p/m

Electricity - R6 500 p/m

Telephone - R4 000 p/m

Petrol - R5 000 p/m

Internet- R800 p/m



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