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Looking for 521 Paw Members before July 2017

Hi all Mdzananda Friends

We know this is the last thing you want to hear. We always try to focus on the positive - the world has too much negativity. Yet, sometimes we need to ask for help.

Some of you might know about our decrease in funding. Just under two years ago we were given notice from our main funder (who covers 60%-70% of our expenses) that, due to the economic state, they will start extraction. For a process of 5 years they will deduct funding each year until full exit in 2020.

This financial year 31.55% was deducted - a whopping R 715 639. This is a HUGE knock.

We know that we have wonderful supporters and we know that with your help we can overcome this.

If we can sign up 600 new Paw Members this financial year we can cover this deficit. A Paw Member is a committed supporter who makes a monthly donation. If 600 Paw Members sign up at R100 per month our deficit will be covered. The good news is that 60 Paw Members have already signed up this financial year. We have until end June 2017 to sign the rest up.

It sounds like a daunting task, but when each person puts a drop in the bucket we will soon fill the ocean.

Even if you cannot make a R100 donation monthly and wish to make a R50 or even R25 donation monthly - every little bit helps.

One thing we don't like doing is begging, so we are not begging, we are asking you to become a partner in a very important part of the Khayelitsha community.

To sign up as a Paw Member you can send your name, postal address, birthday date and how much you wish to donate monthly to We will then help you to set up your Paw Membership. Please Encourage your friends to sign up too.

Together we can make this difference.

With gratitude (and wags form the important ones) The Mdzananda Animal Clinic team

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