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Emergency help needed. Save animal clinic from shut down.

Dear friends This is an emergency appeal to anyone who can help. We are taking over the South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust to rescue the organisation from shutting down, leaving hundreds of animals unsterilised, unwanted, neglected or even abused. Please can you make an urgent donation today so that we can save this clinic and help the animals who rely on it. Here’s what’s going on. After the departure of their founder and fundraiser, and the loss of some major donors, all funds have dried up leaving the organisation in a dire state. The SA MAST trustees called on us to help. As of today, what was previously known as SA MAST is now the Mdzananda Satellite Sterilisation Clinic. But saving this clinic is impossible without your support. Your donation will prevent unwanted puppies and kittens living lives of suffering.

Just last week a box of puppies was brought to this clinic’s gates. Imagine if the clinic had shut down. They would have died. We called the smallest puppy Mira for miracle. At the same time the pet population keeps growing. Now is not the time for a sterilisation clinic to shut down.

Mdzananda needs to raise R5 million to run this clinic for one year. We did not plan for this crisis and we have no extra funds in our budget to meet this unexpected need.

Please make an emergency donation today or sign up as a #SteriSuppawter to donate R100 per month. We don’t want more puppies like Mira to be born as unwanted, suffer and even die.

With gratitude (and wags)

Marcelle du Plessis

Fundraising and Communications Executive

PS. Little Mira is doing well, being bottle fed by our dedicated volunteer, and is growing strong. She’s going to be just fine.

Make and emergency donation at

Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Standard Bank,

Account number: 075595710,

Branch: Rondebosch,

Branch Code: 025009,

Bank transit (SWIFT) Number: SBZAZAJJ

Savings account

Reference: Help +Your Name

Other donation portals (including overseas donations)


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