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Saying Goodbye to Ginger

They say cats choose their owners and Ginger was no exception. Ginger was initially seen frequenting the clinic garden. He was extremely scared and we were unable to catch him. From what we could see he had an injury which looked like a burn wound down one side of his body. He was very thin and he was also missing half a tail. With lots of work, food and love from Lalaphi, our maintenance manager, Ginger was gradually tamed and blossomed into a confident kitty. He was adopted into the clinic family as one of our resident cats and was very attached to Lalaphi. As his confidence grew he became the leader of the resident cats and also kept all the resident dogs in line. He loved greeting visitors and played an essential part in teaching the kids form the community about cats and how to look after them. Ginger lived with us for many years - we estimate around 7 to 10 years. This month we said goodbye to our special friend. Due to old age he declined rapidly. Within a week Ginger was very ill, struggling and in pain. Our staff all gave him his last hugs and strokes and we helped him into his next life. Ginger will always always be remembered. His playfulness (often leading to bites and scratches) and his entertaining dog dominance will be missed. RIP Ginger!

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