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Day Zero will have its affect on Mdzananda

With Day Zero drawing nearer, Mdzananda has had to embark on a campaign to educate staff and to approach funders in order to address our water conservation plan. To date we have incurred various expenses such as paying higher water bills, installing a well point, purchasing emergency water supplies for storage and purchasing numerous containers to store rain and grey water including a 5000 liter rainwater tank. Being an animal clinic we use a lot of water to fill water bowls, clean our premises, wash blankets and keep our theatre instruments clean. We also need water for our 23 staff members. Day Zero would mean that we would need to purchase water for all these elements. We require at least 50 litres per day simply to fill pet water bowls. Including water required for staff and operational instrument cleaning we estimate 1500 litres per day. Our aim is to go completely off-grid but to facilitate this would mean a large expense, something we currently do not have funding for. This would include installing a borehole, testing and a reticulation plant. If we are unable to be off-grid, we will have to purchase all our water. This will give our budget a large knock, especially as we are already in an extremely tight financial situation. If we are required to collect water, we will have to use our staff to do so meaning a loss in productivity or an increase in staff expenses. We also have to think about our staff who will also have to collect water for themselves and their families. We may well have to curtail operations and will have to be very mindful of hygiene protocols. A couple of people have come together to help. We would like to thank One Small Act of Kindness for placing us on the water receiving list. This wonderful campaign spurred water collection in Johannesburg and Durban. They collected 69 tons of water in Johannesburg and are continuing to collect more. This was delivered to Cape Town and we will soon be receiving our portion of this donation. What a magnificent drive. We also want to thank the "Water for Shelters" team and everyone who has donated towards water and who has dropped off water at our drop spots. Every bottle helps.

If you are able to collect water or make a donation towards purchasing water please drop it off at:

  • Khayelitsha: Mdzananda Animal Clinic

  • Sea Point: 2A Pavilion Place, 281 Beach Road (24h security)

  • Mowbray Veterinary Clinic, 84 Durban Road

  • Woodstock. Contact Kerry-Lee to arrange time 082 297 6048

  • 4 Bay Beach Avenue, Sunset Links, Milnerton. Contact Gretha 083 450 4563

  • Sunset Beach Veterinary Clinic, 95 Bay Beach Avenue, 021 555 0566

  • Edgemead. Contact Joe to arrange time 082 420 1006

  • Gordons Bay. Contact Valery or Cheryll 021 856 3554

  • False Bay, Capri Village: Contact Debora 082 3666 726

  • Constantia Hills/Tokai: Contact Ann 082 4144 771

  • Make a donation: Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Account number: 075595710, Branch: Rondebosch, Reference: Water +Your Name

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