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New funder Welttierschutz Gesellschaft for mobile and education clinics

Saying Goodbye to Two Donors and Welcoming a New One

As many of you already know, sadly we had to bid goodbye to our long term funding partner IFAW due to international budget cuts and their organisation's funding capacity. We received the last donation from this organisation in August 2018. Even though this has left us on wobbly grounds we are extremely grateful for the wonderful support that was received over the years - support we could not have done without. At the same time we had to bid goodbye to Investec who generously donated to Mdzananda for four years. We thank the team at Investec for their support and funding assistance during this time and for being so willing to assist animals when many corporates don't. Though both funding losses have left us in quite a scary position we are not giving up. We are sending out various grant applications and working on growing our team of individual donors (Paw Members). We are excited to introduce a new funding partner - Welttierschutz Gesellschaft. This magnificent team of people in Germany have come on board to sponsor our Mobile Clinics and educational elements on these mobiles for one year. We are over the moon to have a new funding partner for our mobile outreach programme. Through this programme we aim to: treat 1800 pets on our mobile, vaccinate 1200 pets, deworm 1200 pets, sterilise 600 pets, educate 540 people, treat 240 pets for other illnesses and collect 720 pets in our ambulance

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