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Help find Leonard a home

It's sad but it's true... Leonard is STILL looking for a forever home. He's been in a shelter since December and all he wants is love and a home to call his own. If you're looking for a stunning charmer of a boy, Leonard will be your perfect match. He's great with people and just wants to give you hugs and kisses. He will protect you with his life and snuggle as if you are his favourite pillow. Leonard was handed over to Mdzananda in December 2018 by a young boy from the community, known for helping animals who are no longer wanted by their parents. He brought Leo to Mdzananda where he stayed for a couple of months and then got severe kennel stress. He's been fostered by Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue South Africa since then where he's had more space to be himself. But its been too long now. He can't stay in a shelter anymore. He needs his forever family and forever home. If you can adopt or foster Leo please get in touch on / / 082 251 0554 / 021 367 6001 He is friendly with other dogs outside the home but, at home he is resource protective. If he goes to a home with other animals he will need a proper introduction and some time for him to learn how to share. He’s not cat-friendly and very human-friendly.

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