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Coronavirus Consequences - Emergency Funds Needed

Dear animal lovers I don't normally send you emails like this but these are desperate times. The Coronavirus is already hurting our organisation and that means the pets of Khayelitsha are hurting too. You'd expect fewer pets to be sick but they're coming through our doors in numbers. Will you please give an emergency gift to help us keep our doors open for the pets of Khayelitsha. Here's what's going on. Yesterday we got a call from a worried man called Vuyo. His puppy, named Rotti, has diarrhoea, is vomiting and is lethargic. This most likely means he has the potentially fatal Parvovirus. Vuyo is a dishwasher at a restaurant and his income is down to zero. He can't pay, he doesn't have a car and there's no public transport to get Rotti to us. Covid-19 has forced him into a dire situation and has put Rotti in danger. That's why our doors are open and our animal ambulance is in full swing, collecting pets in need. Just this week we received more phone calls from pet owners like Vuyo. A dog with a pelvic fracture. A cat with bite wounds tearing into her lungs. This is not the time for pets to be without medical care. Rotti's treatment alone will cost us around R 5000. In the three weeks of lockdown we will lose roughly R108,000. We're not getting funds from adoptions or our vet shop. We have substantial increased expenses due to lockdown difficulties such as medication in short supply. There are no extra funds in our budget to meet this extra need. Your gift today will be a lifeline.

Please make a gift today to help a pet like Rotti get critical emergency care. Please stay safe

Marcelle du Plessis Fundraising and Communications Manager

P.S Rotti is safely in our hospital and on the road to recovery.


Bank Details Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Savings Account Account: 075595710, Branch Code 025009, Reference: Covid19 + your name

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