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Dog starves due to Covid-19

Dear friends

I want to tell you about a story that touched (and broke) my heart.

This week, Yoliswa brought her dog, Nonjana, to us. She was extremely skinny, spine and bones protruding. Yoliswa was handing her over because she has no money to feed her dog. She lost her job due to Covid-19 and her income is down to zero. She is the only income earner in her household. She wanted Nonjana to have a better life.

Yoliswa’s heart was breaking. She didn’t want to let Nonjana go. We decided to help.

We gave her a bag of food and admitted Nonjana to our hospital for sterilisation, free of charge. We don’t usually offer free services - we charge just R150 for an operation (even though some operations cost us up to R5000). Charging a small fee helps to create pet owner responsibility. But we will never turn a suffering pet away.

Yoliswa is just one of many. Last week Jazz and Gushani were handed over because their owner died of Covid-19. They were so confused when they entered our shelter.

It’s because of people like you that we could help these pets. If you can, please support us with a further donation so that we can help more pets like Nonjana.Your donations have kept our doors open in these trying times. THANK YOU!

Please stay safe

Marcelle du Plessis

Fundraising and Communications Manager

P.S Yoliswa says Nonjana is already starting to feel better.

Bank Details

Mdzananda Animal Clinic,

Standard Bank,

Savings Account

Account: 075595710,

Branch Code 025009,

Reference: Covid help + your name

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