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New x-ray machine saves lives

As if Covid-19 hasn't brought enough challenges our x-ray machine broke beyond repair. This is one of our most essential pieces of equipment. Around 65 - 70% of our pet patients in our hospital and theatre have fractured bones or soft-tissue related issues and require x-rays. Without being able to x-ray it would be impossible to know if the fracture is small (just needing a splint) or severe (needing an orthopaedic operation). Putting a pet through surgery to find out which fracture it is would not only be horrible for the pet but it has enormous cost implications too. Amputating because of not being able to diagnose is an option we don’t even want to consider. We didn't know we had such amazing supporters! Within the space of a couple of emails the cost of a brand new x-ray machine and x-ray table (to the value of close to R180 000 combined) was donated. There are no words but gob-smacked at the generosity. Many tears of joy were shed. To these wonderful donors - thank you! You have saved so many lives.

Puffy, one of the first patients having an x-ray taken with our new machine.


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